The Yoga for Health Conference Team:

Antonio Sausys - Executive Director

Antonio Sausys (BA Psychology, MA Body-Oriented Psychotherapy) is a somatic health practitioner and Yoga instructor specializing in one-on-one Yoga Therapy for people with chronic and acute medical conditions as well as emotional imbalance.

During his career, Antonio discovered a key correlation between modern body-oriented psychotherapy and ancient yoguic teachings, integrating the best practices from both worlds. He applies specific yoguic applications working with individuals to create a "Yoga Sadhana". This is a specific and personalized yoguic routine that best serves the individuals' needs and abilities, integrating mind, body and spirit to fully embrace the experience of life.

He studied with Yoga masters and teachers such as Indra Devi, Swami Mairtreyananda, Swami Shankaradevananda, Swami Ekananda, Babashi Singh, Ram Dass and Larry Payne. He has continued his professional development with training in Foot Reflexology, Swedish Therapeutic Massage, the Degriefing Process and Reiki.

Antonio teaches and lectures at U.C. Berkeley, California Institute of Integral Studies, Alive and Well- Institute of Conscious Body Work, College of Marin, served as a faculty member at the American Yoga College,is the former Honorary Secretary of the International Yoga Federation for USA, Delegate of International Yogatherapy Association and Director of U.S.Yoga Federation.

Antonio Sausys resides in Marin County with a thriving Yoga practice throughout the Bay Area. In addition to speaking engagements and workshops, he is an accomplished opera singer, accordion player, actor, and is fluent in four languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese and Italian.

Antonio is Creative Manager for Gathering For Good, a thriving Bay Area Event Production Company and sits at the Board of Directors of Fifth Sun Productions, a corporation that includes some of the most prominent event production companies in California responsible for such festivals as Earthdance, Harmony Festival, May Day Festival, amongst others.


Mark Schillinger - Associate Producer

Dr. Mark Schillinger, DC is a physician, musician, educator and expert in personal growth. His work with males emphasizes the innate biological wisdom and spiritual strength of masculinity.

In 1999 he synthesized thirty years of studying Yoga, quantum physics and transpersonal psychology into the RIGHT Way®, an integral method of spiritual development that guides people to discover their authentic enlightened philosophy and transform it into positive beliefs and productive behaviors.

 He is the founder of the non – profit, Young Men's Ultimate Weekend, a non-religious, modern rites of passage initiation for young men ages 13 – 20. He is the creator of the RIGHT Man Weekend™, which shows men how to fulfill their true potential, and the Ultimate Mentor Training, which teaches men how to mentor young men to be respectful and resourceful. He is the co- leader of The RIGHT Team, a bimonthly gathering of men whose purpose is to help men increase their wisdom and life skills.


His yoga studies began in the 1960’s where he was influences by the teachings of Swami Rama and Sri Chinmoy. He was initiated into Shabda Yoga in 1983 by Master Thakar Singh and in 2000 Mark attended the Maha Kumbha Mela in India which was the largest spiritual pilgrimage in the history of the world. He immersed himself into this month-long congregation with the intent to bring the blessings and wisdom of the saints back to the West. He auspiciously met and intensively studied with the Mahatma, Paharibaba Taragiri, who initiated him into the Advaita (non-dual) Yogic tradition. One year after his return from India he created RIGHT Yoga™, a practice of asanas, meditation, yoga philosophy and spiritual development.


While In India he met Dr. Ishak Adizes, founder of the prestigious Adizes Institute, an international firm that guides management teams in resolving performance and productivity issues. He was fortunate to spend 7 years studying his business technology and then combined it with The RIGHT Way® to show people how to enjoy relationships that are more respectful, resourceful and results oriented in the corporate world.


He has presented over a thousand workshops, keynote speeches and musical concerts. His articles have been published on topics that range from stress management, nutrition, yoga and personal growth to parenting, business development and leadership mastery. Mark’s music CD, Ethereal, recharges the listener’s nervous system and is used by yoga and meditation teachers to create a restorative healing response. His self-help book, Moving Your Life in the RIGHT Direction, will be completed in 2012.


Mark Sierra - Business Consultant


Mark has been practicing yoga since 1995 and teaching since 1997. Through his yoga classes, he has raised well over $60,000 for various Bay Area and international charities. Additionally,  Mark works as a financial consultant and has worked with many top Silicon Valley startups and Fortune 500 companies with a focus on business modeling, analysis and raising capital. In addition to yoga, Mark also enjoys hiking, team sports, music, reading, fitness, good food and exploration of all kinds.





Marshall Kraus - Legal Advisor

Marshall W. Krause has been a California lawyer for more than 40 years and has specialized in litigation and appeals. He has represented the San Francisco Mime Troupe, Bill Graham, Credence Clearwater Revival, and the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California. He lives with his family in Marin County, teaches Constitutional Law at the College of Marin and is a member of the Spirit Rock meditation community.