JOIN AMERICA’S Premiere Event for Yoga & Health!

-       Dynamic, hands-on classes with world-renowned yoga masters, doctors and therapists.

-       100 - 400 well-informed attendees eager to improve their health and vitality.

-       Comprehensive regional, national and local marketing

-       Entertainment, yoga art and delicious healthy food.









  Yoga for Health is your opportunity to meet real people who are committed to

   leading a healthier life. Yoga teachers, health care professionals and people eager to

   achieve optimum health will come to learn about the power of yoga to heal mind and

   body at our conference, which is devoted exclusively to Yoga Therapy.


Learn how to use yoga to stay healthy,  recover from illness – and feel great!

It’s widely known that the general practice of yoga can enhance your physical and emotional well-being.  But when yoga is practiced with a therapeutic intention - Yoga Therapy - it can help prevent and aid recovery from physical and mental ailments.   This can range from improving your posture or a simple headache, to recovering from heart surgery and stroke.


Explore hands-on classes and workshops with the most important global voices of the yoga and yoga therapy field today. The emphasis is on yoga for creating optimum wellness – in a relaxed, retreat-like setting.


Reach 100 - 400 attendees with a wide range of interests:

Health-Conscious Individuals -  anyone who is looking for information on the therapeutic potential of yoga to resolve a health issue will benefit from workshops with the world’s top yoga therapy experts.


Yoga Students - advanced students learn how to add a healing intention to their practice.


Health Care Professionals - doctors, nurses, psychotherapists, chiropractors, occupational therapists, body workers and physical therapists eager to learn the benefits of complementing traditional therapies with yoga.


Yoga Teachers - looking to add a new dimension to their teaching will be energized by a rare opportunity to study with top yoga masters.


Receive maximum exposure for your brand to a health-conscious audience:

Attendees have the option of a full 3-day pass or a 1-day conference pass. An evening dance will be promoted to attract additional attendees from outside the conference – bringing further exposure to your brand to the vibrant 21 – 35 age demographic.  The intention is to raise the awareness of the health benefits of a therapeutic yoga to the widest possible audience. 

Practice with world-renowned yoga masters who are also doctors, psychotherapists & health practitioners.


  “Yoga Therapy is the use of the techniques of Yoga to create, stimulate and maintain an optimum state of physical, emotional, mental and   spiritual health.”

     – Judith Hanson Lasater, PhD


 Learn how to treat illness with yogic techniques in hands-on classes & workshops with internationally recognized experts and researchers.


Rama Jyoti Vernon -- Sutras Applied to Conflict Resolution

Sherri Baptiste - Chakra Balancing applied to Healing

Mukunda Stiles – Structural Yoga Therapy

Sonia Sumar - Yoga for the Special Child

Nina Priya David   Understanding Pain & Yoga for Chronic Pain

Deborah Quilter – Adapting Yoga for the Elder

Ellen Saltonstall - Yoga for Spinal Misalignment

Leslie Kaminoff - Yoga for Breathing Disorders                                                                                                                           

Antonio Sausys – Yoga for Grief Relief   




Reach an affluent, educated audience eager to explore the health benefits of yoga.

-       The prosperous 30-54 year-old age group is our main demographic, with significant attendance by seniors – the fastest-growing audience for therapeutic yoga.

-       Attendees are 30% teachers, 40% new comers eager to improve their health, 20% yoga therapists, and 10% medical or healthcare professionals (doctors, psychotherapists, physical therapists, etc.).

-       Attendance is expected to exceed 400 attendees for the main conference, with an additional 300-400 to attend the special entertainment events throughout the weekend.

-       Attendees will be primarily from the northern California region - especially from the San Francisco and Monterey Bay regions – Oregon, Colorado, Nevada and other parts of the United States.  We also have attendees from Europe, Canada, India and South America.

-       Email and newsletters being distributed and shared will have a total network reach in the tens of thousands.


Comprehensive Marketing & Promotional Program

-       Ads in national yoga and health magazines such as: Yogi Times, Fit Yoga, LA Yoga, etc.

-       Public service announcements on local and national radio.

-       20,000+ flyers and postcards distributed to international yoga studios and ashrams from San Francisco to Los Angeles and nationwide.

-       Grass roots marketing throughout the yoga and health community with trade show booths, speeches and panel presentations.

-       Media interviews and post-event media coverage of keynote speakers and entertainers.

-       Co-promotion and listings with the SF Convention bureau and in local and regional publications such as the Marin Independent Journal, Pacific Sun, Bay Guardian, SF Chronicle, Yoga Mates, Yoga Finder and Craigslist.

-       Listings in all relevant yoga news lists, email lists and yoga therapy newsletters.

-       Timely email blasts to yoga and yoga therapy professionals.

-       Print, radio and broadcast publicity campaign to educate the news media on the power of yoga to prevent and cure illnesses and mental conditions.

-       Bylined articles by conference founder and yoga therapist Antonio Sausys.

-       Live online streaming & post-conference DVDs will enable attendees to share classes and workshops.



Yoga means union. Together, Sponsors and Yoga for Health can build awareness of the power of yoga to heal illness, recover from trauma and simply feel great by incorporating yoga therapy and healthy products and services to create a more balanced life. Our advertising campaign delivers your message to a strong, growing community, while face to face contact with your customers builds a strong foundation of trust and loyalty, associating your brand with the fastest growing health, fitness and spiritual movement in the world today.


Yoga for Health is your opportunity to connect with real people who are committed to leading a healthier life.  Learn how our sponsorship programs can be tailored to fit your business needs.

Sponsor Benefits:

-       Company Name/Logo on IYTC Printed Materials, E-newsketters & Website

-       Company Signage and Name Mentioned throughout Conference

-       Complimentary Conference & Event Passes

-       Good Karma!

-       Note: Please review our Sponsorship Levels Document for various levels of benefits.


Sponsor Contact:

Antonio Sausys  antonio@yogatherapyconference.com l (415) 258-2830